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Cemex at EcoBuild

Date: 28.08.2018
Author: Dave Mars

After such an exceptionally long, hot, dry summer, it seems amazing that only a few weeks earlier we were battling ice and snow to complete a job for Cemex at EcoBuild in ExCel, London.

Cemex are leaders in the world of concrete and aggregate supply and production.

Their presence at Ecobuild was to showcase a new range of bricks with an incredibly low carbon footprint. James Fairclough, UK Head of Marketing, had a vision of creating a huge ‘emoji’ using various colour samples of these new bricks and be able to change the emoji’s face, every day throughout the exhibition.

We were confident we had a pretty cool solution using ’Neodium’ magnets providing we could get our hands on the bricks, but time was already tight.

The weather turned ugly right across the country. Worst hit by the snow was a swathe of Scotland, taking in Glasgow and Edinburgh, where the snow lay up to 3 feet deep. Transport and Industry in the region ground to a halt. Days passed and frustration set in. Desperate times call for desperate measures. The bricks finally rescued, were loaded into buckets and boxes and slid on kids plastic sledges from the factory to waiting 4x4’s.

A ‘not for the fainthearted’ 5 hour drive south across the border, saw them arrive safely at our factory gates in Cheshire the evening before the completed job was due to leave for London. We still had a long night ahead, the brick slips needed bonding to laminated wall panels and steel discs adhered to the back of the removable ones, allowing the magnets to work their magic and the ‘EmojI’ to wink it’s approval. ;)


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